Q: What is Palm Oil?

A: Palm oil is produced from the fruit of the Oil Palm or Elaeis guineensis tree that is native to West Africa. It is used in a variety of products ranging from biodiesel fuel to candy.

Q: Where does Palm Oil come from?

A: The vast majority of consumer palm oil comes from plantations in Malaysia, and Indonesia with smaller yet significant amounts coming from Nigeria and Columbia.

Q: Is Palm Oil bad for me?

A: Not when consumed by itself and in moderation. Many food products may contain processed palm oil, which is much worse for you than pure palm oil. As with any natural food, it has its pros and cons. For more information please see the pros and cons discussed on the Controversy page.

Q: Is Palm Oil bad for the environment?

A: The Oil Palm tree is not harmful to the environment when it grows naturally. The wide scale cultivation practices used to produce large quantities of palm oil usually result in the clearing of rainforests that are rich in biodiversity. Palm plantations are not hospitable to most species that thrive in the habitats that the commercial Oil Palm replaces.