Palm Oil Health Benefits & Concerns

Palm oil health benefits:

  • Rich in antioxidants such as vitamins A and E (important for reduction of potential cancer causing free radicals).
  • Contains 15 times more carotenoids (immune booster) than carrots.
  • Reduces risk of arterial thrombosis and atherosclersosis (artery thickening).
  • Un-oxidized palm oil has been shown to reduce blood pressure.

Palm oil health concerns: 

  • Because palm oil’s fat content is 50% saturated those that consume excessive amounts of the oil may be at higher risk of heart disease and or stroke.
  • Much of the palm oil found in food products has been refined or partially hydrogenated which depletes nutrients and can make it difficult for our bodies to digest.
  • Palm oil used in processed foods is almost always oxidized. When consumed, oxidized oils can lead to toxic build up in the heart, kidney, liver and lungs.