The Team:

We are a team of Portland State University students with diverse scholastic backgrounds. Although we are each individually unique, we share one common passion: to deepen public knowledge and awareness in regards to environmental sustainability. Each student’s goal is to represent the collective voice of Oregon’s progressive environmental culture while becoming stewards to ecological consciousness. Our primary focus in the creation of this website is to reach a broad range of communities with concerns related to traditional palm oil cultivation while highlighting the benefits of sustainable palm oil production.

What is a Capstone?

Our university’s motto states “Let Knowledge Serve the City.” In this respect, student Capstones are so much more than just credited classes and gateways to graduation. Each Capstone represents a sustainability initiative within Portland that utilizes interdisciplinary teaching tools to gain real-world results. It becomes a growing cycle of progressive sustainability not only for our city but also for our planet. Students are offered the opportunity to challenge themselves on academic, social and ecological topics while providing citywide organizations with fresh ideas and plans for their implementation. Students do not select their Capstone based solely upon their area of academic concentration; we also rely heavily on our individual personal beliefs and desires to make a positive difference in the community and the world.

Professor Rob Bremmer:

With a background in aviation, commercial business and education, Rob Bremmer brings 13 years of experience to Portland State University as the Multimedia Capstone instructor. At the Art Institute of Portland he was the Department Director for Multimedia and Web Design for 5 years, and prior to that time was the Chief Flight Instructor for Hillsboro Aviation, one of the larger flight training schools in the United States. Rob has developed award winning interactive media training material, worked as Global Courseware Manager at Cadence and has been a technical training consultant inside Nike working on global initiatives. Rob created and has taught the Multimedia Capstone class since the inception of the Capstone program, guiding over 40 classes to the successful development of useful interactive media for community partners. He holds an MA in English from Portland State, multiple advanced pilot and instructor ratings, and has successfully published his first novel: Awakening in Midair.

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